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About TRicoast Civil

TRiCOAST CIVIL is an Albany owned & operated civil construction company which has successfully operated in the Great Southern Region since 1999 delivering a large variety of civil construction projects. Works completed include sub-division construction both in urban and rural environment, large scale water and sewer reticulation projects, pump station construction, earthwork projects and roadwork projects inclusive of drainage and culvert works.

TRiCOAST CIVIL is managed and operated entirely by locally based personnel. The company is third party certified to ISO 9001:2008 and has been set up with an emphasis on achieving direct delivery of project through utilisation of its own skills and equipment. The company is committed to the local region, safety and environment as demonstrated by its investment in these areas.

TRiCOAST CIVIL's safety management system is a priority. Management advise all employees on operation and safe-work practices of each individual item of plant that they operate. Safety equipment relative to our operations is made available to all employees. We have Safe Work Procedures and JSA's in place for each individual project. Regular tool box meetings are held on site to identify hazards and risks associated with the activities of the organisation and to ensure everyone is aware of all the safety requirements. Any hazards or incidents are reported immediately to management so that preventative or corrective action can be taken.

TRiCOAST CIVIL's commitment to the community is shown by our investment in our Company's base in Albany. On the job training is provided and employment creation for a number of local people within our community, as well as our ongoing support to other local business throughout Albany, by procurement and sponsorship to local sporting groups.

TRiCOAST CIVIL's management and employees have had many years experience in this industry, and in that time have become very familiar with environmental issues. Awareness of the environment is always a priority and when planning the job, environmental issues are given consideration. Manned plant operators have been trained in the cleaning down technique of machinery and equipment before arriving on site to minimize cross contamination during operations in the field.

TRiCOAST CIVIL at a management level has considerable experience in the delivery of subdivisions, water corporation infrastructure, horizontal boring and drilling, plumbing, earthworks, road construction and maintenance. This capability enables TRiCOAST CIVIL to provide not only delivery but management services for works.

The company has its own up-to-date fleet of equipment which it uses to undertake works.

This internal capacity is further supplemented by long standing functional relationships with other locally based contractors and suppliers.

In the road construction and maintenance environment, TRiCOAST CIVIL is well set up to service a wide range of requirements from directly managing the delivery of substantial works or elements of the work via contract or sub- contract arrangements, through to providing our clients with short notice maintenance and emergency response capacity. TRiCOAST CIVIL has personnel qualified in Traffic Management at Advanced, Basic and Traffic Controller Level to further support this capacity.

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