Tricoast Civil

Current Projects

Centennial Park Central Precinct

Works completed:

  • Construction of a retaining wall to form the Northern edge of the lake.
  • Construction of a weir on the Northern edge of the lake.
  • Expansion of the Western Lake and appropriate edge treatments.
  • Filling of the Eastern Lake.
  • Installation of footings for boardwalk superstructure.
  • Construction of a footpath linking from East to West.
  • Management of acid sulphate soils.

Photo taken before the upgrade

Katanning Waste Transfer Station

    The site for the new waste transfer station is located approximately 2.5 km east from Katanning on Depot Road. The new waste transfer station is being constructed just east of the existing landfill site. The site was vegetated mostly with native trees.

    The scope of works comprises of, but are not limited to the following:

    • Clearing of existing vegetation;

    • Stripping and stockpiling 100mm of topsoil;

    • Grubbing of roots, 500 mm deep;

    • General clearing of the works area by pushing away old rubble and waste to enable working;

    • Earthworks and construction of embankments to the designed levels;

    • Installation of drainage infrastructure which includes RCP pipes and precast headwalls and scour protection;

    • Construction of a concrete retaining wall with hand rail;

    • Construction of 2 x concrete hardstands;

    • Pavement construction, inclusive of subgrade preparation;

    • Application of a hot bitumen seal surface to trafficked areas;

    • Installation of pavement marking;

    • Shaping of drains;

    • Respreading stockpiled topsoil to the external earthworks batters;

    • Hydromulching of the external earthworks batters;

    • Removal of existing agricultural fence and installation of new chainmesh perimeter fencing;

    • Relocation of existing tip entry gate structure;

    • Preparation of level gravel surface for weighbridge and tank (supply and installation by others).

      • Removal of existing seal

      • Re-shape existing road cross fall to create level pads

      • Some gravel import will be required (gravel supplied by Shire ex pit)

WA Country Health Service Car park

Making life easier for the public and staff at the WA Country Health Service (Katanning Hospital).

Upgrades to the lighting and drainage.