Tricoast Civil

Past Projects

Chester Pass Road Fire Main Upgrade

Directional drilling and associated works to install a 225mm hdpe pipe as a sleeve under chester pass rd adjacent to the new harley davidson showroom. Includes the pulling through of a 125mm hdpe fire main through the 225mm sleeve.

Cull Park Stormwater Drainage Upgrade

The work involves excavation and installation of new reinforced concrete stormwater pipes, pits, grates and connections commencing on Campbell Road (above Middleton Road roundabout), crossing Campbell Road to replace current verge stormwater. All pipes along Middleton Beach Road will connect with the existing pipe work along Middleton Road from Symers Street. A pipe shall be installed crossing Middleton Beach Road and continued (retrofitted) through an existing unit development to join additional concrete pipes laid within undeveloped road reserve. The Stormwater pipe is continued through private undeveloped estate to terminate on Cockburn Road where the new pipe will be joined to existing stormwater pits and system.

Middleton Road Upgrade

Middleton Road is the main connector road between Albany CBD and the suburb of Middleton Beach. The road is one of the oldest in Western Australia having been constructed in the 1830’s. It is also a major tourism route and a key link to the Emu Point tourist precinct. The road carries approximately 7,000 vehicles per day between Campbell Road and Bluff Street and 11,000 vehicles per day between Campbell Road and Suffolk Street. The work involved the renewal of the existing road surface which has reached the end of its life. Replacement of many of the drainage pits and kerbing. Red asphalt cycles lanes as well as median with kerbed islands.


The work included but was not limited to:

  • Profiling of the existing surface

  • Removal and replacement of stormwater drainage infrastructure

  • Constructing concrete footpaths, kerbs, median islands, bus stop boarding areas

  • Construction of driveway crossovers

  • Installing SAMI seal and asphalt corrector course and wearing course

  • Topsoiling

  • Coloured textured surfacing

  • Line marking and signage

Oyster Harbour Stage 6A

Description of works include: Earthworks, Retaining walls, Fencing, Sewer Reticulation, Stormwater Drainage,Water Reticulation, Roadworks, Footpaths, Underground Power,Communications, Gas reticulation and all other associated works.

Oyster Harbour Stage 7

Stage 7 has now been completed and bock sales have commenced. The block sizes from 360 to 746m².  The new revamped footpath along Lower King Road now ties in with existing footpath. Under ground power, NBN and fibre optic will make communications a breeze. Mature trees are planted on road verges which gives the new sub division an established feel

Two Peoples Bay Water Treatment Plant

TRiCOAST Civil were awarded the contract to work alongside West Water to upgrade the existing Water Treatment plant infrastructure. Building a fully retained wall and platform for the filtration unit to sit comfortably on and constructing concrete plinths for the existing an new water pipelines to be secured to. This contract also required use of a 75t crane to lift the unit onto the new footings created.