Tricoast Civil

Middleton Road Upgrade

Middleton Road, Albany WA

Date: 12/02/2019

Middleton Road is the main connector road between Albany CBD and the suburb of Middleton Beach. The road is one of the oldest in Western Australia having been constructed in the 1830’s. It is also a major tourism route and a key link to the Emu Point tourist precinct. The road carries approximately 7,000 vehicles per day between Campbell Road and Bluff Street and 11,000 vehicles per day between Campbell Road and Suffolk Street. The work involved the renewal of the existing road surface which has reached the end of its life. Replacement of many of the drainage pits and kerbing. Red asphalt cycles lanes as well as median with kerbed islands.


The work included but was not limited to:

  • Profiling of the existing surface

  • Removal and replacement of stormwater drainage infrastructure

  • Constructing concrete footpaths, kerbs, median islands, bus stop boarding areas

  • Construction of driveway crossovers

  • Installing SAMI seal and asphalt corrector course and wearing course

  • Topsoiling

  • Coloured textured surfacing

  • Line marking and signage